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Bar Cuba

The Cuba Bar is synonymous with Palma's nightlife. Known as one of the best clubs in Mallorca, this bar offers a unique atmosphere, cocktails and great music in Mallorca

Bar Cuba is placed in a building, built in 1904, was originally a fishing hostel and bar, which sold hooks, rods, fishing lines, etc.. The smuggling of snuff became common practice at the bar in the early XX century and can still breathe the essence of underground, making it even more exciting. In fact, on the lower floor is the "Contraband Store", an emulation of the classic snuff traffic of its origins. The young Tony Aloy has been faithful to its original colonial style, but down to the smallest detail. Fully glazed inside the Bar Cuba enjoys an exceptional light, creating an atmosphere that combines elegance and warmth. Down an elegant staircase to the basement is accessed, which retains the true essence of Cuba, with black and white snapshots of classic cars in Havana and photographs of its people, all smoking cigars. At night it becomes the ideal place to taste the best cocktails in Mallorca, from mojitos, caipirinhas and strawberry caipiroskas the classic Dry Martini, Manhattan or Cosmopolitan. For special occasions, that space is enabled chillout area with comfortable sofa and 80´s music.


Santa Catalina (Palma Center)


Bar and Night Club


Casual Chic




Everyday from 8am


Mediterranean food, cocktails


C/ San magín nº 1

TEL.+34 971 452 237